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The smartest way to Secure your Data Center and Cloud

ASNRECON Detection - Prevention - Automated Response
Our Story

ASNRECON is a new Tech Startup that is providing industry leading Cyber Security Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions. Including our own flavor of Cyber Secure DNS

Our Vision

Provide Transformative Cyber Security Solution that provide Threat Identification and Advanced Prevention Technologies

Cyber Security Technologies with Innovation

Setting a new path for Cyber security to help Detect the Sources of IP-Spoofing, DDOS, and DDOS Botnets

Who are we
How it works


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How it Works with IP-Spoofing Attacks

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Intelligent Anomaly Detection Algorithm with Geolocation Proximity running within the Data Center, Cloud, and all EndPoints. Once a detection is made ASNRECON then blocks the Source IP Address, Public and Private ASNs . Once a threat has been detected from the source IP is blocked the attacker will have to find another IP. If they pick another IP Address to spoof again  within that source Public and Private ASN the connection is immediately dropped.  The solution has Encrypted Biometric Authentication Numeric ID that get integrated through the whole stack including Router and Switches. ASN Recon uses PurMetric Biometric Authentication, and Multi-Fault-Domain-Distribution. No two Prints are in the same node and encrypted PurMetric Data Store


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The smartest way to Secure your DNS

Servers and their Threat Vectors



Highly Secured DNS Server with Artificial Intelligence with a reduced attack service that leverages several layers of encryption. Intelligent Anomaly Detection Algorithm with Geolocation Proximity running within within the internal ASNRECON-DNS Server that will detect threats and attempts to Exfiltrate data through open DNS Ports .  and When a match is the threat is stopped immediately.


ASNRECON uses Biometric access across the DataCenter and Cloud. No Logins or Passwords. Security provided by a new cutting edge identity Technology called Random Number Geometry. Identities are also stored encrypted and replicated across the cluster using a new Identity storage algorithm called Random Multi Fault Distribution to prevent Access from being interrupted by any node in the cluster.

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ASNRECON has many more features. For more information on ASNRECON please fill out and submit this form. 

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